Family Quilts

I have a history of quilts in my family. Have I told you that before? Well, I do. And not just quilters, sewists. Both sides, too. The list is long, so I won’t bore you, but I do want to tell you about my great-grandmothers.

I actually was lucky enough to know one of my great-grandmothers fairly well. Her name was Alice Wheatley. She would visit each year around the holidays and she would always have a craft project for us. She helped me start my first quilt. It was all template cut and hand pieced. The fabric was from Walmart. She hand pieced and hand quilted everything. Her work was absolutely beautiful. Quilting kept her alive. She quilted with her group of friends multiple days per week up until a month or so before she passed away. My sister and I were in college. It’s pretty amazing to have a great-grandparent alive while you’re in college. We were so fortunate. I have a whole cloth quilt that she quilted for me and it’s easily my most treasured possession. To read more about Grandma Wheatley, I posted about my first quilt and my dad’s quilt.

While visiting my grandparents, we were talking about quilting and my grandpa told me that his mother quilted. I never knew his mother, my great-grandmother, but I knew my great-grandfather, Earl Latham. He passed away in January of 1996, so I was only seven, but I remember him visiting a few times. I remember his cowboy hat, his Folgers tobacco can, and that he liked to play Yahtzee. Anyway, my great-grandmother, Gladys Marie Plunklett Latham (born 2/3/1912 and died 5/17/1982), had a quilting frame that hung from her ceiling. She could lower and raise it with a rope so it could be pulled out of the way. While I was home one time, my grandma mentioned that she had a quilt from that great-grandmother. Of course, I was interested, so the last time I was home, I got the quilt.


Great-Grandma Quilt


I had no idea this was the quilt. I’ve slept under this quilt a bunch. It was in the motor home and I slept under it when we traveled with my grandparents and when we camped with my parents. I loved sleeping under this quilt. It’s very heavy and warm. The fabrics aren’t quilting cotton. Some of them are pre-quilted. It was a utility quilt. My grandma believes she received it in 1964 or 1965. It’s held up well. I’m labeling it and putting it away for a bit.

I think it’s pretty cool that I have a quilt from two of┬ámy great-grandmother’s. I have my eye on a few others in my family, too. I’ve posted about some. I’m not much for antiques, but quilts are a different story.

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    That’s so cool to have such a unique piece of history from both your great grandmothers.



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