Sometime I don’t want to do anything but watch Netflix or Amazon Prime , but then my crazy little mind can’t do that without making me feel guilty for not being productive. I know…I have issues. People wonder why I’m so productive. It’s because I can’t stop. I have to be doing something…pretty much always. I fill up my entire day with activities. Work, gym, sewing, cleaning, whatever. Don’t worry. It’s not just me. My dad and my sister are the exact same way.





Anyway, I have a gray slouchy hat that I wear all of the time. It’s my go to accessory if I don’t want to shower on one day of the weekend. But I need to expand my options. I’m really into this color – along with the rest of the world. The hat took no time to whip up. I really like how it fits and lays. I added two extra dc rows to give it a bit more slouch, but I’m not sure if it needs it. I like this pattern even better than the one I made before. The pattern is The Hadley Slouch that I found on Ravelry. The gloves were also super easy, as the pattern says. They are the Simple Fingerless Gloves, also on Ravelry. Finally, the boot cuffs were also super quick to crochet and also from Ravelry. I love Ravelry – can you tell? The pattern is the Scalloped Boot Cuffs. I haven’t worn the gloves or the cuffs yet, but the hat has gotten a couple of wears already. It’s not quite cold enough for the other two, but I’m sure it will be soon.

I think I’ll do some more crocheting. I really enjoyed it and I seem to get really into it during the winter. Look forward to more projects like that.

  1. Robin Simpson’s avatar

    When I feel like I’m not being productive enough or that I’m not busy enough I do stupid things like go back to school.

    I should probably get a hobby next time.



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