Final Bee Quilt Top

The final bee quilt top is DONE!


Bee Quilt Top


These blocks were from a 3×6 Scrappy Bee. I asked for low volume blocks. Without the sashing, these blocks did not look super great next to each other. However, the sashing totally saves it.

Now that all of the tops are done, I’m slowly working on the backings. I ordered quite a bit of fabric from a super sale that will be most of the backs.

Besides working on that this weekend, I cut out six Wiksten Tanks. Yes, six. I’m experimenting with different fabrics for the tanks, so I have a cotton one, two rayon ones, a knit one, a voile one, and a chiffon one. I already have tanks in chambray and a cotton/poly blend. I don’t have bindings cut yet because I’m not sure if I want them to contrast or not. I’ll figure that out once I get the garments together and hemmed.

Also, my friend turned 40 and we were invited to a surprise birthday party for her. She loves Amy Butler fabric so I grabbed a bunch. The best part, though, was the packaging.




I just took a brown paper bag and had fun. I didn’t really have a plan, but it turned out really well.




The stitching at the top was the most fun. I used a heavier weight thread (Aurifil, I think) and I’m happy I did.




The ribbon was the biggest pain. I had to cut holes out by hand. It really didn’t take that long, but I was kind of regretting it halfway through.

It was the perfect packaging because my friend also loves decorating stitching. I like tailoring things to people and sewing really lets you do that. It’s the best hobby.

Finally, I spend Sunday sewing with a friend and she is working on the Paper Hearts Quilt by Tula Pink from the book Sew Red. Once she had the heart blocks complete, I noticed there was a lot of leftover triangles. Coincidentally, they were perfectly lined up right sides together, so I stitched them together, pressed them, and trimmed them up. Now she has 32 HSTs that she can make into a mini quilt, wall hanging, pillow, table topper, whatever.




So if you are making that quilt, don’t forget about these. It’s easy and super convenient.

Now that I’m out of quilt blocks to make into tops, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of Tova tanks so look forward to that. 🙂

  1. Kim’s avatar

    Love the blue sashing – it really does pull the blocks together. And I’m also interested in hearing which fabric you like best for your tank tops. It’s like a taste test with fabric 🙂


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