First Friday Finds

Kansas City’s Crossroads district has an awesome event every first Friday of the month. Galleries open or stay open late, food trucks appear, and a swarm of people hit the area. I’ve been to First Friday a couple of times, but I never purchased anything from any of the artists. We are still working on ShopFauna¬†at work and are in the process of populating the site with local businesses in KC. While shopping looking for bugs on the staging server the other day, I can across HoneyTree Gallery. I immediately knew that I needed one of Kate’s screen prints. Luckily, First Friday was coming up.

Kate E Burke Screen Print

Beautiful, right?

KEB Screen Print Close Up

I loved the colors on pretty much ever one she had, but this is the one I chose. That lime green is awesome!

While I was there, I also picked up a scarf from ToddAh.

Chevron Scarf by ToddAh

I’m a sucker for Chevrons, especially in that blue-ish turquoise color. The fabric is a heavier weight than cotton…probably a decorator’s weight. I love it!

Of course, after seeing all of the crafts and art at First Friday, I wanted to sew! And I did. I finished another pair of scrubs (minus the hem). They came together really easily, except for the sleeves. I HATE sleeves. There has to be a better way to attached sleeves than the method this pattern uses. It sucks. I can handle curved piecing for quilting, but sleeves are even worse. UGH! Any tips for handling sleeves?

I also worked some more on the trucks.

Blue Truck Block

There are those chevrons again. Love them! They are definitely getting easier as I go, but my measurements are off. I’m going to have to redo them because I spent quite a bit of time re-figuring. I have one block left to do, but I have to go back and add the bottom piece and wheels to this one and wheels to the yellow one I finished. The yellow one also has a bit of a miscalculation on the back, so I’ll be fixing that, too.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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