First Placemat and Baby Quilt

I finished a placemat. Three more to go. I am a pretty slow sewer. Probably because my machine is old and I don’t have a quarter inch foot and I am always scared I’ll get off and something will turn out wonky. It’s probably the only thing I do slow. The fabric for the back is actually the same fabric as the yellow on the top only in red.

Finished Placemat Front


Finished Placemat Back

Our couch was delivered today. It’s not as bright red as I thought it would be, but I still like it. The extra seating will be nice.

I bought a baby quilt kit. The pattern is called “Baby I Do” by Cherry House Quilts. I am not a fan of the picture on the pattern, but I loved the one on the wall at the quilt shop. The fabric is pretty cute. It came with everything but batting.

Finished Baby I Do Quilt


Top Fabric for Baby I Do Quilt


Backing and Binding Fabric for Baby I Do Quilt


  1. Joni’s avatar

    I think that is a super cute baby quilt. I’m guessing the round circles on the solid fabric are appliqued on. Is that correct? And the bottom fabric with yellow and orange flowers, what is that for? It’s cool fabric.


    1. admin’s avatar

      Yes, they are appliqued on…so I have to learn how to do that.

      The bottom fabric is for the backing and binding of the baby quilt.


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