Five Robes for Five Bridesmaids

My sister might kill me for posting these pics before her wedding, but since she doesn’t read my blog and neither do her bridesmaids, I’m not too worried about dying.



I’ve posted about these before. Mom made two and I made the other three. Neither of us want to make another EVER again.



My sister and each of her bridesmaids, including me, will get one of these the day before the wedding so we’ll all have something fun to wear while getting ready.

The pattern was super easy, but the fabric made it difficult. Actually, I never had problems until the damn band around the neck. It just doesn’t work. Mom says it’s because of the bias at the neck. So if for some stupid reason I decided to make this again, I wouldn’t complete the hem until the end and I would sew the band down each side starting at the neck.

I’m too lazy to find the previous posts about these, but I’m sure if you searched “robe” in my search box, you’d probably find them, although I don’t know why you would need to see the other posts since they’re all displayed in this well. Well, I might be wearing one, but that’s about all the other posts would give you.



Rachel’s favorite color is green. Even though you can’t see any green in this picture, this robe has a lot of green. This is probably my favorite fabric.



This is the fabric for my robe. I hate brown, but I loved this fabric. I still love it…I’m not sure why.



Lynsey’s favorite color is purple, so we found this pretty purple paisley (<—say that ten times fast) fabric.



Robin got this fabric. Originally, she was going to have five bridesmaids, but she ended up with four and this was the extra fabric, so she took it for herself.



Finally, Danielle’s favorite color was blue so we found this pretty blue and brown fabric for hers.

And that’s it. We are very close to the wedding now so it’s nice to have all of these finished. I procrastinated until last weekend and I would’ve finished the last one on Sunday, but that damn band. I was getting frustrated so I had to put it down and come back to it on Monday night.

Four robes and four bridesmaids dresses…my mom and I are done sewing for this wedding!

  1. Kim’s avatar

    They are very pretty – you and your Mom did a great job!!


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