Free Motion Quilting Practice + Windows

I’ve been following the Sew Inspired: Focus on Free Motion Quilting series. Well, I’ve been reading it. I actually ┬áhave not been doing any free motion quilting. However, reading the series really made me want to give it a go, especially since I have a wall hanging top that I would like to free motion quilt and another project in mind that I also would like to free motion quilt. Most people said to practice on a piece of paper, which is exactly what I did.

FMQ Paper Practice

I found that the figure eights were really easy for me, probably because my first initial of both my first and last name is L. And a cursive L is very similar to a figure eight. Stippling was very hard for me for some reason paper. It just looks like wonky columns. Other curly q’s and things were fine. I attempted feathers and quickly gave up. I’m saving feathers, hearts, and leaves for later. The scallops were OK. Once I have doodled over the front and back of the paper, I moved to the machine.

FMQ Fabric Practice

I am not extremely impressed or extremely disappointed in my attempts. The weird thing is that the figure eights were more difficult than stippling on the machine, which is the exact opposite of how it was by hand. Weird! I definitely would be OK stippling on a quilt right now, but I have more in mind for both wall hangings. I’m going to practice some more over the next couple of months and if I am happy with my progress, I’ll free motion quilt the wall hangings. I guess since they are pretty small wall hangings, I could always draw the design on and then free motion quilt while following the lines. That is sort of cheating, but I’m OK with that.

Window Wall Hanging Top

That is the first wall hanging. I used the Moda Bake Shop Charming Windows post. I think I can do a lot of fun free motion quilting stuff in each of the different colored borders. I’d like to do some inside the windows. And then there is that giant middle block that is just screaming for something cool. I could still applique something on it, but I want to save it until I know my free motion quilting abilities.

Buttons and Binding

I’ve already cut, pieced, and ironed the binding. I’m going to be in a serious world of hurt when my Moda Marbles jelly roll (citrus) is gone. I am constantly using it for borders and binding. That was one purchase that I didn’t know if I would ever get my money’s worth and I TOTALLY did. Here’s what I’m going to do with the buttons.

Windows Block with Buttons

The buttons are hiding some imperfections that I don’t like. If I ever do this project again, I am going to try to rethink how to add the colored squares in without having any raw edges. They definitely show through sometimes. And I don’t like how the middle meets. there’s too much space. Part of these problems could be me, but I was pretty good/careful/confident on the second block and the imperfections still arose, so I know it’s not all entirely me. However, the buttons will cover it up and they add a great touch, especially for a wall hanging.

  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    The buttons add the perfect touch!



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