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I don’t purchase a lot of fabric. And I definitely don’t purchase large quantities at once. I usually purchase some here and some there and VERY occasionally splurge and buy a large amount. I want to purchase more, but there’s two things holding me back. 1. Space 2. Cost

But when I do purchase fabric, it’s VERY exciting.

It’s a known fact that I LOVED Bon Bon and I miss them A LOT. Luckily, quite a few shops have popped up in the last year that are small and not overwhelming. However, most of those shops are online only…but their owners are in the KC Modern Quilt Guild and will allow us to shop in their homes.

Cucire is one of those shops and I was lucky enough to stop by and look around. Actually, I did more than look.



Ok so the fabric in the middle didn’t come from Cucire. It’s Moda Snuggles which is extremely hard to find. I like it a lot better than minky and it’s great for gadget sleeves. The two striped fabrics are knits. I really like knits and I love sewing apparel items with them. The blue on the right is the blue jeans Kaffe Fassett shot cotton. It looks like chambray and I think it will probably turn into a shirt or tunic for me. The top blue is a Free Spirit voile. The color is amazing and it feels so great. It’s probably also going to turn into some sort of apparel item.



I love the colors of those knits. Coral, navy, and anything somewhat mint-ish is so fashionable right now. The blue knit is deceiving because the lighter blue is actually more of a dark mint green.



I think this helps show how smooth and silky the voile looks and how close the shot cotton is to chambray. I wish I could sew all day every day so I could use these fabrics immediately.

And that’s not all…



The Simply Style by V & Co didn’t come from Cucire, but the other fabrics did. Missouri Star had the Simply Style charm pack on their daily deal and I couldn’t resist since I’m in love with everything V & Co. Did you know that was the first quilting blog I started reading? Shortly followed by Cluck Cluck Sew. Anyway, the left two fabrics are more shot cottons. The yellow is Art Gallery Lace Elements. I saw the print and immediately fell in love with it. I’m sad I had to limit myself to just a half yard because I can see using it in EVERYTHING. I may end up buying more.



I love how the shot cottons “shine.” I lean more towards the ones that have the distinct color variations. Some shot cottons are too “solid” for me.

Since I had all of these new beautiful fabrics and a whole weekend ahead of me, I couldn’t not use at least one.

Maxi Skirt


I made a maxi skirt. I would like to say that I used one specific tutorial, but honestly I looked at probably 20 and then made up my own based on those 20. It turned out really well, so I can’t complain.



That little slit of orange…a pocket! I LOVE colored pockets. The best part about knits is that you don’t have to hem them. I really hate hemming so I’m a pretty big fan of knits.

I wish I had a better picture of the skirt, but I wasn’t able to maneuver myself so I could get one. Just trust that it goes all the way down to the floor and kind of flares out so it’s not just a long tube. It lays very nicely. I immediately put it on and wore it to the grocery store and got two compliments within 30 minutes. I was pretty happy with myself.

And finally, I have a story to share. While I was out fabric shopping, our friend Tom called me and told me he was downtown looking at apartments and was wondering if we wanted to hang out. Of course, I said sure, but Andrew or I wouldn’t be home until 6pm. However, our door was unlocked, so he was more than welcome to hang out in our condo (if the guard would let him up to our floor) until we got home. Needless to say, Tom is a pretty good friend of ours.

So when I got home, this is what I found.



Tom had made a fort using a quilt and dining room chairs. I laughed pretty hard. But I laughed even harder later when I dared Tom to try to fit into my skinny jeans.



And he did.



Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Tom has made it onto this blog. Basically, between the forts and clinging, Tom is like our child. 🙂

  1. Joni’s avatar

    lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol The Tom story made me laugh. It’s so funny and so Tom! And love the skirt and love the fabrics. Excited to see what you do with them. Also excited to see you this weekend!!!!! Love you


  2. Lesley’s avatar

    I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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