Garment Sewing

I am venturing into the unknown of garment sewing. After completing the leggings and the scrubs, I realized the unknown might not be so scary. I’ve ordered a few patterns and am beginning to choose fabric.

Garment Patterns

I’m starting with some pretty simple things. I’m not a fan of sleeves, so a lot of what I chose does not have sleeves. However, I am going to have to practice to get better at sleeves, so I did order one pattern with sleeves.

McCall's Pattern M6359

Photo taken from McCall’s website.

I’m going to start with the gray shirt first. I went to Joann Fabrics the other day to try to find some jersey and lace, but they didn’t have anything that I was remotely interested in. I think I found what I want on I’ll probably use this jersey¬†and this stretchy lace. If it goes well, I’ll probably make this with voile, too.

Burda Style Pattern 7517

Photo taken from Simplicity’s website.

Don’t you think this dress would just look awesome in V & Co’s new line Simply Color for Moda? If you’re familiar with the line, I think you know which print I’m talking about. If you aren’t, you can see pics of her line at Quilt Market over at Sew Sweetness. It’s too bad I look awful in white… I’ll probably end up making it in either a lightweight linen or a cotton.

Speaking of Quilt Market…I wanted to go soooo badly. I live downtown and see it swarm with quilters was killing me. However, one of my best friend’s was getting married and that is much more of a priority than my hobby. I definitely went out to dinner on Thursday night just to try to spot quilters. And I spotted A LOT! Andrew was spotting them, too.

I kept tweeting the next day how much I wanted to be there. My wonderful boyfriend even went to the Quilt Market website to see if he could get me a ticket. Isn’t that sweet? He was even spotting quilters while we were out and about. He says he can tell by their purses because they are all handmade with quilting fabric. I’m so proud that he can recognize handmade and quilting fabric. He’s pretty good about knowing the terminology. He’s can even point out applique!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Burda Style Pattern 7379

Photo taken from Simplicity’s website.

I’m not a big fan of the dress on this pattern, but I LOVE the top. I ordered some voile on sale from and I think I’ll be using it to make that top.

Simplicity Pattern 2147

Photo taken from Simplicity’s website.

No sleeves until now. This is where I will get adventurous. I want to make both of the dresses. I’ll probably start with the one that doesn’t have sleeves. I really like the tunic tops, but could pass on the long sleeves. Luckily, the dresses have the same construction, so I can use the short sleeves from the dress for the tunic top. I think jersey, voile, or cotton would work for these and I’m not sure which fabric I’ll pick for the first round. Either way…I have a lot of garment sewing ahead of me. I imagine this will probably take me well into Fall. Plus, I’ve already found other patterns that I really like and I have some quilting projects started. It’s going to be a busy summer!

  1. Joni’s avatar

    All very cute patterns. I think you will do great!!



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