Goodbye Wisdom Teeth


After 23 years, I had my wisdom teeth removed today. Why did I wait so long? Well, it took them forever to start growing. Then we bought a condo and money was tight. About that time, they started coming in and I was teething. Let me tell all of you babies, I understand. It freaking hurts! Then, I lost my insurance through my parents and my work does not offer dental. So I got supplemental dental, but had to wait six months before oral surgery in order for the insurance to pay. Six months rolled around and that was the beginning of the holidays. Holidays do not help the bank account, but I went to the dentist because of a toothache I had had for a few months and he said it was related to a couple of things and one as that my wisdom tooth was pushing up against my teeth. So he referred me and I called and inquired about cost. Turns out…it was going to be really reasonable. I paid less than $300! My insurance covered the rest. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of KC and pay $30/month and have $50 deductible. I love this plan! Preventative is free. Cleanings twice a year are covered. I think I have a small co-pay for cleanings, but worth it. Fillings, root canals, wisdom teeth extraction, etc. are paid 80% by BCBS. If you don’t have dental insurance and need and/or want it, I recommend this.

It’s going very well. I do not remember a thing. I felt like I had been asleep for five minutes and then woke up in a drugged up state, but still fully aware. I do not believe I said anything hilarious. I was super hungry though. I could not eat or drink six hours before and the surgery was at 2pm. My aunt drove me and I had a large cup of ice cream at GlacĂ© while waiting for the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions. Right before I ate, I felt extremely nauseous, which I am sure was because I had not ate for over seven hours. My body (and my mind) do not handle being hungry very well. The cold of the ice cream also probably helped. When I got home, my aunt stayed with me (I am so thankful that she lives around here. Plus, she is great about handling things like these.) until Andrew got home. He is the best! He brought four bags of frozen peas. He said, “You even get the choice or organic!” It was pretty funny in my druggy state. He also brought me protein smoothies and two Red Box DVDs. Isn’t he sweet? We later walked to the store to get more nom-wisdom-teeth-friendly food. I have applesauce, smoothies, pudding, yogurt, and V8. Andrew has done an amazing job of taking care of me, even though I can do everything myself. He has still waited on me and made sure I have everything I need.

Frozen Organic Peas

As for the wisdom teeth or the holes where they used to reside, I think they are doing well. They were all coming in, so they did not really have to dig down deep to get them out. However, a bit of bone was covering one, so that was the worst one. It is bleeding a bit and is the most uncomfortable, but not painful. The meds and cold peas are doing wonders keeping me comfortable.

I did not like peas before, but I could sometimes eat them in things. However, I WILL NEVER EAT ANOTHER PEA AGAIN IN MY LIFE. I am very grateful for them, but the smell! You can smell peas even when they are frozen. And when they start to thaw…OMG! I will never be able to look, smell, or think of peas without being totally weirded and grossed out.

Frozen Peas



I heard a ton of stories about people getting their wisdom teeth removed. Most were good and only a few were horror stories. I was not worried at all. I’m still not worried. I am sure the rest of my recovery will go just fine. The power of positive thinking can do wonders!

Worst part: antibiotics. Oral contraceptives do not work with antibiotics. I have five days of antibiotics and then a grace period of a month before I can trust the birth control is working. And I do not trust other forms of birth control (except abstinence) by themselves. I specifically asked for the time period and made them repeat it multiple times. I did not know you had to wait that long! Ladies…take note. I have avoided antibiotics so far since I have been taking birth control, but I cant avoid it now. And taking my pill is the absolute most important part of my day. I drop everything when my alarm goes off. So…that sort of sucks, but it could be much worse. At least I knew that antibiotics and oral contraceptives don’t mix well and was able to ask intelligent questions.

While I am laying around all weekend, I would love to hear stories about you or somebody you know and their wisdom teeth. Or I would love to hear stories about the power of positive thinking. Leave a comment if you have one.

Have a great weekend!

  1. Nikki McDonald’s avatar

    Yuck. I had mine removed at 18 because I was about to lose my parents’ insurance. I was awake (*oy!*) And I remember the suction sound from when they took each tooth out. Not a good sound. I also remember floating around the room & feeling like I was not in control & freaking out a bit. Later, I realized I’d be a bad drug abuser…

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! See you at KCMQG!!!!!!


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