Grandma’s Quilt

My grandma made an awesome quilt over the last couple of years. And it’s huge!

Grandma's Quilt


So…I’m going to apologize to Grandma right now for showing the world her bedroom, but this quilt needs to be shown to the world. Plus, her bedroom is super normal. Fan, nightstand, trash can, lamp…I think every bedroom has those things. Well, our bedroom doesn’t have a fan, but that’s because I’m cold ALL OF THE TIME! Anyway, it’s a normal bedroom with an awesome quilt.

Grandma's Quilt


See how big it is! The squares are all made with scraps that Grandma has collected over the years. Plus, those are some small squares and that’s a lot of sashing!!! It’s very impressive and I’m glad I’ve gotten to see it worked on over the last couple of years.


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