Great-Great-Grandma Olive’s Quilt

My grandma has a quilt hanging in her living room. I knew the quilt was made by one of her family members, but I didn’t know who. I knew the quilt was old, but I didn’t know how old. The last time that I was home, I asked my grandma about it.

Great-Great-Grandma Olive's Quilt

Yes, it’s a Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I had no idea how amazing this quilt was until I really started quilting. It’s amazing…just amazing.

Great-Great-Grandma Olive's Quilt

My grandma said this quilt is circa 1932. My great-great-grandma Olive Wheatley completed the top and began the quilting. She had to slowly complete the top because she could only afford to buy tiny little strips of fabric every once in awhile.

Great-Great-Grandma Olive's Quilt

That’s my finger. See how freakin small those hexies are? Amazing…

Great-Great-Grandma Olive's Quilt

My great-grandma Wheatley finished the quilting. My grandma ended up with the quilt and my dad had a family friend, Rex Albertson, make the case for her so she could hang it in her living room.

Great-Great-Grandma Olive's Quilt

I’m not sure how big it is, but I think it’s folded in fourths, so I’m guessing it’s probably a queen or almost a queen. Either way, that’s A LOT of hexagons!

This is such a cool quilt to have in my family and I hope that someday I get to display it on my wall. 🙂


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