Hand Quilting with Pearl Cotton

How does this keep showing up on this blog?

Probably because it’s taking me forever to finish it.

Hand Quilting


I decided to hand quilt my English paper pieced project. I’m using Pearl Cotton, which is kind of hard to find in the area. I needed to see it in person to match the colors. Luckily, The Studio, a yarn shop, carries TONS of it. I wanted #8, but I had to go with #5 since that’s all that they had and I was tired of looking. I started with #5 for the blue which I was able to pick up at Joann’s.

Hand Quilting


I can tell the difference between the #5 and the #8 and I can kind of see it, but I don’t think it will be a problem. The #5 is definitely easier to pull through, but the #8 hasn’t caused me any headaches so far.

Pearl Cotton


Aren’t they pretty? Andrew helped me color match. The red was the hardest. There wasn’t a good match so we had to move into the pink/purple/wine-colored reds. I’m happy with the one we found.


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