Happy Halloween: Social Media Care Bears

For the last two years, we’ve gone as Batman and Robin for Halloween. This year, we were ready for something different since we were doing something different. Our friends invited us to a party at this amazing house. The owner goes all out each Halloween and decorates his entire house. We felt that it deserved new costumes. We decided on what we were going to be just a few days before. Luckily, the idea wasn’t difficult so we waited until the morning of the party to go shopping for the supplies and I spent the entire afternoon sewing.

Care Bears


We were Social Media Care Bears! We had a really good time picking out the stuff for these costumes. We started at WalMart looking for the sweats. The hoods were the important part and we were lucky enough to find the right colors in the women’s section. Yes, Andrew is wearing women’s sweats.

Care Bears


We were told multiple times that we looked cute so I was pretty proud of us.

The details took quite awhile. Between the ears, the tails, the hearts, the tummy applique, and the fur, it was more work than I thought.

Care Bear


The Facebook like symbol took me the longest. I appliqued the large pieces on, but I used bias tape to outline, which was SUPER HARD and took FOREVER! The outcome was totally worth it. I put on a real button, which was Andrew’s idea. His hashtag was made using bias tape but the letters were applique cut outs. His was MUCH easier than mine.

We got a few weird looks throughout the night and I’m pretty sure one girl thought we were furries and got really excited. When she came up and talked to us though, she quickly realized we were not DTF. (If you don’t know what DTF is, don’t Google it. It’s not appropriate.)

Still, quite a few people got the idea and liked it. Bonus: We were warm!

As for the house, it was AMAZEBALLS! First, it’s huge. It has two stories plus a basement and attic. The basement was SUPER creepy.



I know that is a bad picture, but it was the creepiest thing I saw. The zombie mother is rocking her zombie baby. In the background, lullaby music was playing. Yeah…and this was in a very small, creepy, cement (?) room in the basement that reminded me of a prison cell.



Most of the house was more entertaining than creepy. This was in one of the upstairs bedrooms.



These were in the attic.



Even the yard was decorated. The whole experience was very impressive.

On another note: Happy Birthday, Uncle Don!



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