Hawaii Vacation and New Fabric

Hawaii was gorgeous. As for relaxing, well, I’m not sure if vacations really are ever relaxing. There was so much we wanted to see and do. My favorite parts of the trip were the two quilt shops we visited and parasailing. We also zip lined, which was beautiful, but took too long. There were nine lines, which seemed great, but it takes 15 people a long time to get through nine lines. A lot of the time was spent waiting for others. I am not that patient. Plus it was our last day and we had to get to the other side of the island where the airport was located. FYI: If you ever go to the Big Island, it is a BIG island. Do not try to go back and forth across the island. We ended up spending a lot of our trip driving. Additionally, Andrew’s mom was the only person who was allowed to drive the car because Hertz makes you pay to add other drivers. Let’s just say that I was ready to empty my checking account to add another driver…and I think Andrew and Nancy were ready to do the same. Another lesson: Andrew’s mom booked this trip using a travel agent. I did not know travel agents existed. My advice is do not use them. The internet is better. We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on the Kona side of the island. It was AWESOME. There is so much to do and see and lot of stuff is within an hour of driving. Hilo is on the other side of the island. I did not enjoy it as much. The city is less vibrant; however, it is near the black and green sand beaches and the volcano. We stayed at a bed and breakfast that was quite a ways from Hilo. In retrospect, we would have stayed the entire time in Kona and driven to the attractions we wanted to see. Andrew and I are planning on returning to Hawaii, but probably another island and we will definitely be staying at a resort.

In Kona, I visited Quilt Passions and bought quite a bit of fabric.

Quilt Passions Fabric

This is Quilt Passions own batik, meaning you cannot buy it anywhere else. I am going to use it as a border for a project I worked on while traveling across the island multiple times…more on that later.

Dyeing For You Fabric

I also bought this fabric at Quilt Passions. It was hand dyed by Carlene Keller. Her company is called Dyeing For You. She lives in Hawaii and teaches dyeing classes there.

Alfred Shaheen Fabric

This is Alfred Shaheen fabric. He is considered the grandfather of the Hawaiian shirt. This is his 2010 Hawaiian Collection for Free Spirit. I love variegated fabric.

Sylvia Pippen Patterns

I love the Sylvia Pippen patterns. Sashiko is a type of embroidery from Japan, but Sylia lives in Hawaii. In fact, she sometimes teaches at Quilt Passions. I bought a kit so I could work on it while riding in the car. I’m going to make it into a wall hanging using the exclusive Quilt Passions fabric as a border.

Sea Turtles Sashiko

That is the kit I finished while riding in the car. It was very enjoyable. I think I like it better than traditional embroidery, although I haven’t embroidered in a long time.

While we were in Hilo, it was raining, so there was not a lot we could do. Andrew, his mom, and his sister decided to get massages. I don’t care for massages, so I worked on the sashiko and went exploring. I explored myself right into a quilt shop called Fabric Impressions.

Hawaiian Fat Quarters

This is a fat quarter bundle of Hawaiian fabric that I bought. I have absolute no idea what I am going to do with this fabric, but I’m sure I’ll find something.

Batik Fat Quarters

This is a fat quarter of Batiks. All of the fabric I bought is supposedly designed by Hawaiian designers. Since there is not a place in the islands that prints fabric, all of it is printed elsewhere. The light blue is probably going to be the back to the turtle sashiko wall hanging.

I can’t wait to go back to Hawaii to another island find more quilt shops!

  1. Cathy’s avatar

    Lesley – it is so fun to read your enthusiasm! Now you know how board I get when people talk about Farm Town and other unproductive uses of TIME!!! Love hearing about your trip. Can’t wait to see you. I will also ask Robin if I may have her flannel quilt for my trunk show! Happy Quilting!
    Love Aunt Cathy



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