Help! I Need Your Opinion

I’m working on a quilt that’s basically giant HSTs. I’ve laid it out two ways and I cannot decide which way I like better. I polled my mom, sister, Andrew, and two of our friends and their opinions were mixed. So, what do you think?



HST Quilt - Striped Layout

Right now #2 is winning by one vote. Can you tell the difference? #1 has all of the solids on the same side of the block. #2 has the solids lining up so there are diagonal rows of solids. Which do you think is the better layout?

  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    I vote for the second one.


  2. Jeanne L’s avatar

    I like the first one. I think it makes the pattern pop


  3. alex’s avatar

    I like number 2. You could try to emphasize the value difference to achieve even more distinct diagonal rows. Pretty fabrics!


  4. Nikki McDonald’s avatar

    Can I vote twice? 😉



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