Hexies and Honey

I’ve been working on hexies, which are kind of one of my new favorite things. I’m eventually going to get the hexie rules from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and make some larger hexies. But for now, I’m just working on the small 1″ English Paper Piecing ones.

HexiesI have all of them wrapped around the paper, I just need to put them together. I have no idea what I’m going to do with this when I’m done. These are not my colors or my prints. I still think it’s really pretty, but it’s not me.

One of my other new favorite things is our honey pot.

Honey Pot


We got it from Crate & Barrel. I typically don’t use a lot of honey, but with this thing around, I put honey on everything. I especially like it in my tea. And on biscuits.

Honey Pot


It’s kind of cute, right?


  1. Kim’s avatar

    I love how the colors flow in the hexies. And all I can think of when I see that honey pot is Winnie the Pooh! Think I’m going to go home tonight and put on my Tigger sweatshirt 🙂



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