How to Make Something Small Really Big + Halloween

The title of this post is a little confusing, but it will make more sense in a minute.

I’m hosting a quilting retreat!

My friend, Val, has a couple of quilting project she wants to finish and she knew that I also had a couple. So she asked if I wanted to get together for a weekend and just quilt. Of course,  I said yes. I do not pass up an opportunity to quilt. And when it’s on the schedule, it means that nothing else can get in the way.

Well, I knew a couple of other people who had projects they wanted to finish, so I asked Val if I could invite some more people. And I quote, she said, “The more the merrier.” Val had no idea the power I gathered from those words. I invited pretty much everybody. I believe the guest list is up to 10 plus myself, but not all of those are 100% confirmed.

What’s most exciting…my mom and aunt are coming! I invited them just because and I had already figured they wouldn’t be able to join, but my mom had made the decision she was coming within a day. If you don’t know my family, they don’t make solid plans. All plans are tentative and I never fully know what they are doing until the day before or the day of. Mom was 100% confirmed within 24 hours. I guess we both take a no nonsense attitude when it comes to quilting. Ha!

So, what started as a weekend of just Val and I quilting has become a weekend of Val and I plus potentially eight other people quilting. I AM SO EXCITED!

On another note, Halloween has come and gone. Andrew and I did join in the festivities.

Batman and Robin

Nerd moment: Yes, Robin is a girl in the comic by Frank Miller “The Dark Knight Returns.” And yes, she wears elf shoes. (Note: Elf shoes are REALLY easy to make.) I wish I could take credit for making the rest of the costumes, but besides a cowl to cover Andrew’s head and neck, those costumes are 100% bought. Although, I did do quite a few modifications to Andrew’s costume. The pantsuit was not very flattering, so I grabbed my handy-dandy-best-friend seam ripper and went to work. His Nike pants looked much better. There were some other modifications, but Halloween was not too much work overall.  The most confusing part of my costume, my sister’s name is actually Robin.

Robin's Hair

That photo is courtesy of Mia. Our office had a Halloween party and some of us dressed up. Check out the RNL Halloween post to see my other coworkers that dressed up. We even made the Silicon Prairie News.

  1. Joni’s avatar

    I am so excited to be able to attend your quilting retreat!!! Also I love love your Halloween costumes.


  2. Nikki McDonald’s avatar

    Very cute costumes! Yours looks really comfortable, too. That’s a must in my book.


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Comfortable and warm…always important for Halloween costumes.



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