HST Rainbow Quilt

I told my mom awhile ago that I wanted to work with HSTs, but I was a little intimidated. So I decided to work with VERY LARGE HSTs. Like 10″ square HSTs…from an Echo by Lotta Jansdotter layer cake and my solids stash. I had no idea how many solids I had.


I will admit…I couldn’t bring myself to cut into ALL of my solids. I saved a mint. I also didn’t use ANY shot cottons…just Kona or Moda Bella. I also didn’t use anything that wasn’t a pure solid. No marbles or anything.

The HSTs came together VERY VERY fast. In fact, it was very fun sewing them because it took so little time. I knew I had to trim them down and since I used 10″ squares to make two HST units, I decided to trim them to 9.5″ squares. So, I bought a 9.5″ ruler. Well, I should have known better to trust the layer cake to be true 10″ squares. There were a lot that were nowhere near 9.5″ squares. So…instead of doing the smart thing and trimming them down to 9.25″, I trimmed them down to 9″. Whatever, I’m not the brightest. Although, I like to argue with myself and say that there were a few HST units that would not have made even the 9.25″. Anyway, I still used my 9.5″ square ruler, but it just wasn’t as convenient as it could have been.

HST Trimming

My hand totally hurt after all of this trimming. I pulled a muscle in my hand. I’m serious…I did. Luckily, it was better the next day.

The layout of this quilt KILLED me. I played around with so many different ideas. I polled Twitter, Facebook, the KC Modern Quilt Guild, friends, family, and this blog.

First Layout

This was the first layout I decided upon after A TON of moving those square around to make them seem random.

Second Layout

Second Layout with Border

But then I tried this where all of the solids were together, but still random. And then I really couldn’t decide between those two, so that’s when I polled people. And that wasn’t helpful at all because the results were basically COMPLETELY divided. In my own time, I experimented with a border of solid blocks. I got a lot of great feedback and comments from the poll, so I decided to play around some more.

Final Layout

And that was it! I knew it once I had laid it out. And I posted it and tweeted it and texted it and the response was unanimous! I put the main part of the top together in an afternoon during Sewing Sunday at Bernina. It also went really fast and was A LOT of fun.

HST Rainbow Quilt Top

And that’s it! It took me another evening to add the borders, which were also really quick and fun to add. This was just a REALLY fun and quick top. AND I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It’s not going to anybody. It’s mine. All mine.

HST Rainbow Quilt Top

It’s big. It’s not quite queen size, but that was me standing on one of our bar stools with my arms way up in the air and I couldn’t keep it off of the ground. You can see where I’m holding my arms so wide that my nose is poking the top of the quilt. Ha!

HST Rainbow Quilt Top

Yup. Totally love it. This top calls for some seriously straight line quilting…but first I have to buy batting and figure out some backing. I don’t want to go with plain muslin on this one because it has sooo much color. However, the budget is fairly tight right now, so I’m going to have to do some bargin shopping. I’m thinking Denyse Schmidt from JoAnn with 50% off…maybe. I’m also debating Fabric.com. I just cannot afford to go to Bon Bon or any other LQS right now, although I KNOW there’s something at Bon Bon that would be perfect.

HST Rainbow Quilt Top

I’ve had a pretty rough month (or two), so I needed this quilt to cheer me up and it really has done the job. Every time I worked on it or thought about it or looked at it, I smiled. It wasn’t always an easy quilt, but that was good because it kept me focused on something else. Quilts pretty much make everything better.

  1. Mary Anne’s avatar

    What a FAB-U-LOUS Quilt! With all of the thought and care that you put into it, you will love it forever! I’ll keep my eyes open for the big finish my friend…and thanks SO MUCH for making my KC trip super special! Miss y’all!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’m so glad we got to repeat our road trip. I hope we get to repeat it again next year. 🙂



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