HST Tops

I’ve had a bunch of HSTs lying around for quite awhile. I finally got them trimmed and turned into tops.

HST Trimmings


That only took me half of the day.

HST Quilt


I need to get more of the Kona to finish that top. I think it’s Ash, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m not really in a hurry since it will take me only a few seconds to finish it once I have the Kona.

I’ve torn that quilt out once, but I’m happy with it now. The print fabric is Lost and Found by Jen Allyson for Riley Blake. I think my mom and I both bought a charm pack of it from Missouri Star. She let me have hers and I paired it with the Kona Ash. I don’t have a purpose for this top. It will probably sit for a long time before I get it quilted.

Summersville HST QuiltThe same goes for this top. The print is Summersville by Lucie Summers for Moda. I believe the solid is Kona Papaya. I’m a big fan of chevrons. The first top was originally going to be chevrons, but I realized I didn’t need two chevron quilts. I really like this top though.

Besides those two tops, I also have the wonky cross top and the star top. I finally have all of the quilting pulled out of the star top and now I need to remove all of the pins and re-baste with spray. The problem is that I don’t have anywhere to spray baste. I may have to wait until I go visit my parents. I’m also working on finishing up the herringbone top, which will hopefully be accomplished this week or next. After that, I’m moving onto a churn dash! My goal is to have a bunch of tops ready and then hope I somehow come by a long arm. Totally unrealistic, but whatever.

My friend was in Dallas and had to stop and take this picture for me. She also quilts.

Dallas Park


If you look closely, there’s a man quilting. How cool is that? His quilt looks pretty colorful and awesome, too.

Speaking of colorful and awesome…

Roasted Veggies


Isn’t it pretty? I love veggies. I made a bunch of these to eat throughout the week with various meals. There’s zucchini, onion, carrots, sweet potatoes, and regular potatoes seasoned with sea salt, cracked pepper, and olive oil. Delicious!

  1. Nikki McDonald’s avatar

    Those tops are divine. Even though I’ve had a glass of wine & the kids are asleep & in bed, you’ve inspired me to get up & work on some tumblers & quarter log cabins. 🙂


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Thanks!I LOVE your tumblers. I definitely see one of those in my future. I can’t wait to see yours finished!



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