I Love Love Love Paper Piecing

I spent a good amount of my weekend paper piecing. I should’ve started the baby quilt, but I am thinking I am going to put that off until I go home so mom can help me with the applique since I’m sure her machine does it better than mine. And I’ve never appliqued before. It looks extremely easy, but I’d rather do it with her since this the quilt is for somebody else.

Paper Piecing Projects

Technically the octagon was made by my mom when she visited to help me put together the top for my wall hanging. And the middle wonky square was made by me that same weekend. Everything else I made this weekend, though. I seriously love paper piecing. It’s addicting.

Paper Pieced Flower Basket

The flower basket is my favorite. The buttons are sooo cute. And I even used different colored thread to put them all on so the middle of the “flowers” would be different. I need to buy buttons at a garage sale or auction or thrift store so I can have a ton of different ones lying around. And they are so cheap. I’m pretty sure that’s how my mom has such a large collection of buttons.

Paper piecing also gave me an idea for an awesome quilt. I Googled my idea to see if anybody had done it yet, and somebody had. So I sort of copied them, but mine is going to be prettier and better. I drew it out.

Super Mario Quilt Idea

I know this is super nerdy, but I love Super Mario and so does Andrew. He was excited about this idea. That means he’ll be excited about this quilt and the space quilt. Those are my next two projects after the baby quilt. Then I’m going to try to find stuff at Grandma’s that needs to be finished. The Super Mario quilt will be four inch pieces. The border is six inches. It should measure 68 inches by 84 inches. The standard twin comforter is 68 inches by 86 inches, so it should still work. I don’t have a twin bed to put it on, but I still like quilts to measure somewhat correctly. This one will end up being used as a throw in Andrew’s man cave. There is actual Super Mario fabric that I’m going to use for the backing. I’m making Andrew go to the quilt shop with me soon to choose fabric. I’ll actually probably start on it before the baby quilt. It’s hard for me to get into a project because I have to start by cutting, and cutting is dull. I think all quilt kits should come pre-cut, too. I would only buy kits if they did. That wouldn’t be very fun though so I guess I’ll get used to cutting.


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