I Should Be a Quilting Math Consultant

I’m pretty good at math. I like math. It’s one of my favorite parts of quilting.

My mom wanted to make a new quilt for her bed. The problem was that she chose a pattern that was definitely not large enough.

So…we did the math. And it took a LONG time. And a LOT of figuring. And a LOT of sticky notes. But we figured it out.

And it was right!

Mom's Bed Quilt

See those small borders that frame the bed? They frame the bed. That was our first math challenge was figuring it so they actually framed the bed. SUCCESS!!! (You can see her current quilt peeking through the white in the new quilt.)

Mom's Bed Quilt

See that second border that hits just below the beginning of the bed skirt? Yup, it hits just below the beginning of the bed skirt. That was totally by design. Second math challenge CONQUERED!

My mom is going to have this quilt professionally quilted. The main part of the quilt is from Angela’s Moda Bake Shop tutorial. The quilting really makes that quilt and my mom wants that for this quilt. I can’t wait to see it finished!!!


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