If All Else Fails…Ask Mom

I recently finished a beautiful quilt top. Currently, the only place I have to sandwich a quilt is my bathroom floor or at work. Hauling all of my quilting supplies and necessities to work, cleaning off the tables, putting the tables together, etc. is just too much. I tried to sandwich this quilt on my bathroom floor. It failed the first time. When I started quilting it, the very first row of stitches had the backing fabric bunching up. I calmly tried a second time. That also failed. Yes, I was mildly frustrated. However, I did not give up entirely. I called my mom. ­čÖé

I also have to give my aunt credit here because my mom did say that I should ask her advice, which I did. I unsandwiched the quilt, re-washed and dried the backing and the top, starched and ironed both like crazy, bought spray adhesive, and drove four hours to get help from my mom. Actually, this was really over the span of about a month.

Of course, everything went perfectly well at home. My mom has the PERFECT tables for quilt sandwiching. My cousin found them at an auction. They adjust in height and they are very very large. My parents have a full basement that is “finished” so the tables went down there. We actually ended up not using the spray adhesive because it sandwiched so nicely there. Mom and I had to add more muslin to the back because I had cut it very close to get the top, the batting, and the backing to fit in my bathroom with enough room to tape. I used my mom’s Janome and Aurifil to quilt it. Pictures will be available as soon as I finish hand sewing the binding.

I took Monday off of work since I could not leave Kansas City until Saturday around noon. Here’s what I encountered on my drive back to the city.

Tractor Traffic Jam

It’s very hard to see, but there is a tractor at the beginning of that long line of cars. Yes, a tractor on the highway. I understand that it is harvest, but stay on the county roads! Tractors are not made for one lane highways. Please do not worry. I did not endanger myself taking this picture while driving. I wasn’t going fast enough. In fact, I could run faster. ┬áNeedless to say, I was extremely annoyed and it made the trip even longer than normal. Such is life! At least it was in an area close enough to the city so I could check Twitter while crawling along.

More to come shortly. I’m working on some potholders.


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