I’m a Girl and I Like Girly Stuff

Sometimes I’m accused of being a robot. I am somewhat robotic…I’ll admit it. But I’m also a girl and while I’m not usually some “typical” girl stuff like weddings, flowers, etc., I am into other girly stuff.

I really like fashion and clothes, especially clothes with beautiful prints. When I see an item of clothing and I immediately think, “I LOVE that pattern! I wish that was a quilting print!” or “I wish I could make a quilt like that!” then I know that I need to have that item of clothing.

For example…



I stopped by the Banana Republic, LOFT, and Ann Taylor outlets/factory stores this last weekend. I had $60 in free money to spend at LOFT and/or Ann Taylor and a 15% off coupon for Banana. This dress came from Banana Republic.



This dress also came from Banana Republic. The fabric of this dress is sooooo soft. It’s not quite a voile and not quite a cotton. It’s pretty sheer up close. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s soooo beautiful.



This dress came from LOFT. I know it kind of looks like a sack, but it’s very cute with a belt.

Besides clothing, I also really like shoes and I found some great shoes while out shopping.



Wedges are probably my favorite kind of shoes. I’m totally on board with the stripe fashion trend right now. Oh, and navy. I’m a big fan of navy. These are from Ann Taylor. I have found that I end up buying a good portion of my heels from either the Ann Taylor proper store or the factory store. They are just the most comfortable and last the longest.

But my girly side doesn’t stop with just shoes and clothes. I kind of have a thing for fingernail polish. Although the thing goes away sometimes and comes back, but recently, it’s back.

Mom still has her beautician license because she does hair one night per week in the small beauty shop in my home town. Every time she visits a city, she usually has to stop at a beauty supply store to stock up on supplies. I go with her because the stuff in those places are awesome and it’s always cheaper than retail.

Neon Polish


First, OPI is the bomb. Almost every other fingernail polish sucks. I’ve had good luck with Avon, too, but OPI is my stable. I couldn’t resist the little neon bottles. I’ve already used the yellow.



Have you seen these nail stickers? There are two kinds…the ones that you can just stick on and the ones that have to be cured. I just got the stick on ones. They work GREAT!



I was told by an employee that the OPI ones dry out faster than the others so use those first. I only bought one set of OPI ones.



The OPI ones are sized better, but I was able to cut down the Design Fix ones. I didn’t get a picture of the OPI ones and my neon yellow polish, but I did spend some time last night with a new bottle of black OPI polish and the other stickers.

Fingers and Toes


Fingers and Toes


It’s not a surprise that I chose to use the chevron ones.

So there you have it. I’m half robot and half girl. 🙂

  1. Joni’s avatar

    Love the new clothes, how fun is that to get new clothes. Also the chevron’s on your fingernails look so cool. So great to spend last weekend with you even though we didn’t get a lot of sleep! Also looking forward to the weekend too!!! Love you



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