I’m Teaching/Helping!

At the last sewing retreat, I helped my mom and aunt make a Sew Together Bag. The other ladies were so impressed with our bags, that they wanted me to help them make some at our next retreat in March. Then my aunt said that the ladies in her and Mom’s other monthly sewing group would also like to make one. So…I will now be “teaching” two groups how to make the bag, which I’m very excited about. It’s actually more of helping because I think these ladies could definitely figure out the pattern on their own because they are all very very smart ladies and most of them have been sewing WAY longer than I have, but I’m happy to help!

Because I already have two bags, I offered to make the two from the class for a couple of my friends that live in our building. They recently purchased some fabric and I got the bags cut out this last weekend.

Sew Together Bag


These are Cathy’s fabrics. Cathy and I have some VERY similar tastes. We went to the fabric shop and she bought fabric from three of my favorite designers: Joel Dewberry, David Butler, and Jay McCarroll. I love this Joel Dewberry line. I’ve purchased some yardage from the line because I love it so much.

Amy's Sew Together Bag


While we were at Joann’s getting zippers for these bags, Amy picked up some Cloud 9 fabrics for her bag. These are so cute and I love the colors. These aren’t from one line, but I think they go so well together!

Now I only have interfacing left to cut and I need to quilt the main pieces. Then I will be all prepped for the classes!

  1. Cec’s avatar

    Your pupils will be thrilled! I for one would like to see it in 1930s!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      You’re right, 1930s would make a fabulous bag!



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