Is It Summer Yet?

I hate winter. As a person who is constantly cold, even in the summer, I really hate winter. And KC just got dumped with snow these last two weeks. So I’ve been dreaming of summer.

Last night, I whipped up a super cute mini kaftan using’s Medina Mini Kaftan free pattern.



I used some solid voile that I got from Bon Bon during their closing sale. This pattern was SUPER easy. I finished in in just a few hours and that’s from printing out the pattern to sewing the last seam.



I did make some alterations to the pattern. First, I left off the drawstring. I would rather wear a belt or just leave it loose and flowy. Plus, the way the drawstring is added, I can always go back and add it if I want to. Also, I did some extra stitching.

Hem Band


I’ve never done a hem band before, but I am 100% sold. I LOVE them. They are easily the best and easiest way to finish a hem. I had to fuss a bit with the arm bands, but not enough to make me frustrated. I’m sure this would’ve taken me a lot longer if I would’ve had to hem the arms and bottom. See that top stitching? The pattern doesn’t call for that, but I like the look of it and I also like that it holds the seam allowance in place.



And the collar is super easy, too. Normally those take me a long time, but this was fast and I really loved how it turned out. I totally recommend this pattern.

I totally wore this today with jeans, a long sleeved tee, and a belt. I just couldn’t wait to wear it.

  1. Kim’s avatar

    This is really cute and looks very comfy!



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