KC Scrappy Bee: Improv Blocks

These are for Douglas.

Scrappy Bee Blocks


He gave us some blue and green solids. I decided to have one focus print and then build around that with the blue and green solids. The blocks look sort of cool, but I have a confession to make.

I dislike improv piecing. Actually, I kind of dislike the look of improv, too. I get bored by the process and I’m not excited about the finished product. It has to be my Type A personality. I like these a little better because they’re all matchy matchy.

I know that totally makes me uncool and kind of not modern, but that’s just me.

I am very interested to see how Douglas puts these all together. He said we could cut them into weird shapes if we wanted to. The one on the right is a perfect rectangle, but the other one isn’t. Good luck to him!


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