Keep on Truckin’

I’m back to working on the truck tops. I have one left, but a lot more to do with them to completely finish.

Red Truck Block

Since it’s going to be hard to find a pillow form that fits the dimensions, I’ll probably have to make my own. I’m planning on buying some filling and then making my own form out of muslin. I want to have a form because if my dad, grandpa, and uncle actually put the pillows in their trucks, they WILL get dirty. I want the case to be able to be taken off and washed. Once I finish the blocks, I still need to applique on the wheels and make them into complete cases. I should have plenty of time to finish before Father’s Day.

My mom sent me a couple of photos yesterday.

Little Me

Yup, that’s me! I have black olives on my fingers. I’ve always LOVED olives and the best part of eating olives was eating them off of your fingers. They fit so perfectly! I was a weird child… This photo was probably taken at Christmas guessing by my dress color, my curled hair, and being at my grandparents house. I have no idea how old I was. I’m bad at guessing ages.

Little Robin and Drew

That’s my sister and my second cousin. I have no idea what event we were together for. I don’t think it was Easter because there would be baskets, we would be dressed up, etc. A birthday is another option, but I have no idea whose birthday. And why are they holding paper bags? Does Robin have two? I’m so confused. ¬†Again, I have no idea how old they were. I totally remember that bike though.

  1. Joni’s avatar

    I think you were almost 3 or 4. Not sure. The picture of Robin and Drew has 1994 on the back of the picture but I do think it was an Easter egg hunt and it is in front of the church in Republic. The woman zipping up the childs coat in the background is Connie Levendofsky and Kristin I believe.



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