KU Star Wall Hanging

This wall hanging gave me nightmares. It was my own stupid fault, but still. It was probably more trouble than it is worth. However, I do love it now that it’s finished.

KU Star

Why did it give me so much trouble? Because I was an idiot and put one of the rows in wrong and didn’t realize it until AFTER I had quilted and sewed the binding on. So, yes, I unpicked the quilting for that row and unpicked the binding around that row and hand stitched it back down and re-quilted it. It’s not the prettiest if you look closely, but it’s done.


I really enjoyed stippling this hanging. I think I’m going to stipple some quilts in the near future. I didn’t really care that the top showed through the back since it was going to go in my cubicle at work and nobody was going to see the back.

KU Fabric

The KU fabric is adorable. I love the plaid with the big Jayhawk. And the little stars and paisleys and other whimsical stuff on the other print is so fun. I’ve had a few fat eighths for awhile and I’m glad I used them for this.


I will say one thing…stippling takes A LOT of thread. I’m going to have to stock up if I plan to stipple an entire quilt.



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