Lady Skater Dress – Maxi Version

The Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo is another pattern that was on my long list of apparel patterns. This was the first clothing item I have made using my serger!

I modified the pattern and left of the skirt and instead made a maxi dress. My inspiration came from delia creates and her maxi version.

Lady Skater Maxi


My maxi isn’t as full as hers because I didn’t have enough fabric to use the full 60″ of fabric. I think I would prefer the fuller version, but oh well. I made do with what I had.

Lady Skater


I still like it. This is SUPER comfy. I bought the knit from Cucire. I’m going to have to get more to make another one of these using the actual skirt pattern.

Lady Skater


The pattern is great. I really enjoyed sewing it and I’d do it again in a heart beat. I love long sleeves since I’m always cold and always wear a cardigan if my shirt doesn’t have long sleeves.

Lady Skater


The details on this dress are so professional. The collar and the sleeve cuffs make it feel like I bought it in the store. I think the finished seams with the serger also help with that.

I made a size 3 and it’s perfect. I could probably do a size 2 easily, but I like the looser fit.

Like delia creates’ dress, the belt is needed. The waist just can’t hold up the longer skirt without it. It looks droopy. I’m OK with that though because I like wearing a belt anyway.

More apparel sewing success!


  1. Kim’s avatar

    That dress looks great! You are going to have a completely new wardrobe in a couple more weeks the way you are making things so quickly!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      That’s the plan! I finished a top and a dress this weekend. It’s like shopping without the crowds!


    2. Elizabeth’s avatar

      I LOVE IT! Your wardrobe is looking awesome, I am so impressed by your skills.



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