WIP Laptop Bag

My friend and I need laptop bags. I have one that I purchased from Best Buy, but it’s kinda of cheap and definitely starting to fall apart. Since I bought all of that fabric I wasn’t supposed to, I decided to dig into it. I’m not finished with the first one yet because I need to get some hardware, but these things come together extremely quickly!

Laptop Bag

I hate how my iPhone camera does not do the blue justice. It’s actually more of a turquoise teal color. It’s beautiful.

Laptop Bag Inside

The color is better here. I quilted the inside with pink thread! The handles are also quilted with pink thread.

I used a tutorial from The Mother Huddle. I made/am making a few modifications that she didn’t suggest. 1. I REFUSE to turn thin strips of fabric. Instead, I cut the strip twice the size, iron it in half, unfold, turn in both sides to the crease and iron, unfold, add a slightly smaller strip of batting, refold, fold in half, and quilt. I think it’s way easier than trying to turn a thin strip of fabric. Plus, it’s also more durable because there’s more fabric layers and it’s quilted. I did the same with the tabs for the rings. 2. I’m not finishing the bag the same way. She recommends folding the lining over and stitching or something like that. I’m going to just bind it like I would a quilt. I prefer that look and it’s easier to make it even. 3. I added a pocket. I think she mentions adding pockets in the modifications section, but not in the original instructions. 4. I cut off the little triangles for the lining and the outside where you “box” the bottom of the bag. The instructions only say to cut off the ones on the lining.

On another note, my mom has been whipping out projects.

Candy Corn Table Topper

It’s a candy corn table topper! Isn’t it cute? Aunt Cathy had made one before the retreat and gave us all the pattern! There are three different sizes and this is the largest. It’s quilt as you go.

Christmas Table Topper

This Christmas table topper was a kit that she got on sale for like $3! One of the fabrics wasn’t right, so she did end up buying a fat quarter to replace it, but even then, this project was REALLY cheap. And it’s adorable!

I love little projects. I have quite a few large projects going on right now and I’m glad I started the laptop bag so I can see some progress. This weekend I plan on getting quite a few things out of the way.


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