I made a clothing item! Jaime David¬†taught me. There’s a sewing group that gets together the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Jaime offered a free class during the sewing group time for anybody who wanted to make leggings. I HATE pants, especially jeans, but I LOVE leggings.


The hardest part was figuring out on my own, at home, and without Jaime’s guidance, how to find the grain on a two-way stretch knit. I Googled and called my mom until I was pretty sure I had it right. However, I was still nervous. Luckily, I did it perfectly! Thank you Mom and Google.

I gained a lot of new knowledge and experiences by sewing these.

Cover Stitch

That’s a cover stitch.

Serged Seam

I used a serger.

I also dealt with elastic. The cover stitch machine was being a little bit of a pain when we were ready to finish the waistband, so we actually didn’t get that finished. I get to experiment with a double needed on my own machine, which I’m very excited about!

These are super easy. I actually might end up making quite a bit more. I run through leggings pretty quickly. We used the Jaile Leggings, Stirrup Tights and Mini-Skirt pattern. Don’t let the stirrup or the mini-skirt throw you off. It’s an awesome pattern.


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