Log Cabins and Potholders

The Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild is having a potholder swap with the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. The swap is centered around log cabins. I made the first potholder a few weeks ago. I had quite a bit of trouble with the quilting, which I chalked up to my own silliness. However, I also had an issue with the challenge quilt that I ended up taking home. Well, last night I was making two more potholders since I didn’t like the first one and I was having a really hard time with the quilting. I had even pinned my potholder, which I thought was a little unnecessary. Of course, I ┬ácalled my mom because I was super frustrated and out of ideas. No matter how perfectly sandwiched something was, my machine was bunching up the fabric and creating puckers. Mom suggested the thread tension so I played around with that. I also played around with stitch length and some other things. Nothing helped! Then she suggested removing my even feed and trying another foot. Well, that pretty much solved the problem. I ended up having to pin down the edges of the fabric, which is really weird, but then I had no issues. I have had some issues with even feeds and so has my mom with this machine. Our were breaking, but this new one is almost entirely metal and is very sturdy. However, I can’t remember if I have quilted with it before. I think I have just pieced. I might have done the Mario quilt on it, but I am not for sure, but I am putting the blame on it. I think I am going to take it to a repair shop and have somebody look at it or tell me what I’m doing wrong. For now though, the other foot I’m using is working great! Thank God! After that mess, I was able to finish up the potholders.

Bad Potholder

That is the one I did first and am not a fan of.

Wonky Log Cabin Potholder

Believe it or not, I have never made a wonky log cabin block before, so this was really fun!

Mini Log Cabin Potholder

This was inspired by two miniature log cabin quilts my mom and aunt made. It turned out wonky because the strips of fabric are so small, but I kind of like the effect. I was going to paper piece the small log cabin, but decided that I’d be brave. I actually really enjoyed it.

Mini Log Cabin Block

See how small those strips are! You cut strips with a width of 3/4 of an inch. Yes, those strips end up being 1/4 inch. I LOVE IT! Please ignore my quilting lines…I have issues follow straight lines (but who doesn’t?).

Finished Log Cabin Potholders

And there is the finished package. I enjoy swaps. This was so quick and easy and I can’t wait to see what my swap partner made me. I’ll find out in December!


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