Lone Starburst Pillow

I think this might be the project I’m most proud of.

I’ve been eyeing Lone Star quilts and while I will probably never make one, I debated making a pillow. However, I was not going to template that crap and it was impossible to find a free paper pieced pattern online.

While searching around on Google for the impossible to find free paper pieced pattern, I started seeing the Lone Starburst pop up here and there. So once I begrudgingly gave up the search for the Lone Star, I went to the Lone Starburst.

The Lone Starburst was the right call. I think the internet was telling me that all along, but I was being stubborn.

Lone Starburst


Isn’t it soooo pretty!?!?! Everything matches up so well! That’s what I love about paper piecing. The Lone Starburst paper piecing pattern can be found at Six White Horses. I used V & CO Simply Color fabrics for most of it…shocking, I know. The two grays are Konas.

Paper piecing can sometimes be challenging even when you’re good at it. I think I’m pretty good at it and I was VERY careful and took my time putting this block together. There are eight separate pieces to it. Not everything matches up perfectly, but it’s pretty darn close.

But I didn’t stop there. The finished size wasn’t large enough for the pillow size I wanted – 18 or 20 inches. I couldn’t decide between a solid gray border or using a print from the Simply Color line. While looking through fabrics, a BRILLIANT idea popped into my head inspired by one of the Simply color prints.

If you are familiar with the leafy print in that line, this will make total sense to you. I saw that and thought of having that border the pillow since the stem of the leaves would almost create a border within a border. But…to get it to match up correctly, I would have to do mitered corners. I’ve never done mitered corners before.





I kicked mitered corners ass! How freaking cool is that?!?

In retrospect, I probably should have made the bottom leaf go one the opposite way of the top leaf, but the sides go the same way, so whatevs. It still looks amazing.




This was with an 18 inch pillow form, so I’ll probably go up to 20 inches just to make it more snug.



And it’s reversible because I’m a badass and put in a zipper in the bottom seam…more on that in a sec. This is the chevron print from the Simply Color line, which is my favorite print in the entire universe.

ZipperBack to the zipper…awesomeness, right? Zippers are incredibly easy. I’m not sure why I was intimidated by them. I didn’t even read a tutorial on this one. I just whipped it out. Once you figure out one zipper, you’ve figured out them all.



Obviously, I’m super proud of this pillow and I can’t wait until I finish the two quilts that will match it. If only I could get around to quilting those…



  1. Kim’s avatar

    That starburst is SOOOOOO pretty!!!!! Fabulous colors and it just pops!!



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