Our friend, Tom (You remember Tom, right?), has been wanting a Luigi quilt to match Andrew’s Mario quilt for quite a while. For his birthday, we purchased the fabric and I got all of the squares cut. I put the top together over the long Labor Day weekend.

Luigi Quilt

It’s a little bigger than Andrew’s because I used 5″ squares and Andrew’s has like 4.25″ squares…that just means smaller borders. 🙂 While I was getting fabric for the borders of this quilt, I also picked up some fabric for a curtain for Tom’s new apartment. He finally moved downtown and is only a few blocks from us. His apartment is technically a studio, but the bedroom is a separate room but there is no door. So I’m making a curtain.



The roll is Roc-Lon Blackout. It’s in the home dec section. I got it for 60% off and it was a little over $2.50 a yard, which was a super deal. The solid blue will be the main curtain fabric and the blue chevron will be the accent.



Luckily, Tom trusts me so I hardly consulted him at all on the fabric choices. He’s right to trust me…I have good taste. The yellow and blue fabrics will be to finish up Luigi. I also bought some faux-chambray because it was on super sale and I like the look of it. I’m seeing yet another Tova in my future. Finally, I couldn’t turn down the top two fat quarters since they were also on sale.

I don’t have a back in mind for Luigi yet, so that will be my next project. I’m hoping to have him quilted and finished up soon.

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    This is so much easier to see in the picture than up close. Remember when Dad and I were a little confused?



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