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I got a phone call from the guard at the front desk the other evening. He said that I had a few packages to pick up and that two of them looked like fishing poles. I was VERY confused. I wasn’t in town, so I wasn’t able to pick up the packages until the next day. Here’s what I found:


Yup, they do look like fishing poles. However, I did not order fishing poles.

Bridesmaid Dress Fabric

I ordered fabric. Twelve yards of fabric! I ordered these separately in order to be able to use 40% off one and 50% off the other. JoAnn Fabrics online kind of sucks because it only lets you use one coupon per order. Therefore, I couldn’t get free shipping either even though I had a coupon for it. Still…these ended up being really cheap! My sister is getting married in June. She found her wedding dress, but we’ve had an awful time finding bridesmaid dresses. One reason that we are having trouble is the color she chose: a very light blue. Also, she wants something light and airy since it’s a June wedding. Most bridesmaid dresses are heavy satin and very formal. She wants something more casual. So…my mom and I (and whoever else we can recruit) are making the dresses. The pattern is Burda 7376¬†and we’re using blue chiffon with a blue lining. She has four bridesmaids, including me, so I don’t think it will be too difficult. This dress is great because there’s no waist so there’s very little fitting that needs to be done. However, to be on the safe side, we are going to make a test dress for me using these beautiful fabrics:

Tangerine Dress Fabric

These came from One is a chiffon and the other is a cotton broadcloth. I also ordered some 1/4″ and 1/2″ elastic, tangerine thread, elastic thread, and very very lightweight fusible interfacing in order to reach the free shipping amount. I had some pretty awesome coupons and got this really cheap.

For the bridesmaid dresses, the only things we have left to buy are the thread and needles. We wanted to wait to buy the thread until the fabric arrived. And I’ve just been lazy about buying the needles. We are going to need really sharp needles for these delicate fabrics. I’ve already purchased the interfacing we need. It was kind of a pain in the arse because the pattern called for 24″x36″ interfacing for each dress. It’s very hard to find the extremely lightweight fusible interfacing that we wanted in a width over 20″. So…we are probably going to be piecing interfacing together to get the correct width. I found the interfacing at Hancock’s on sale for super cheap.

So far, not including the test dress since that was my decision to make, we have spent $146.34 on materials for the four bridesmaid dresses. Needles and thread will not bump that up to much more, especially if we can use coupons. And I’m not counting labor since it’s my mom and I and our time doesn’t count. I’d say that’s pretty amazing!


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