March Modern Madness

I filled out a actual March Madness bracket. Last year I chose teams by their colors and did pretty well. This year I based my picks entirely on the teams’ records. Even though I graduated from KU, I really could care less about basketball…and I consider it my favorite sport. That just tells you how much I care about sports.

But I do care about fabric! Fat Quarterly is hosting March Modern Fabric Madness. I filled out my bracket based on my favorite lines, not the ones I know will advance. For example, everybody LOVES Ruby. I like Ruby, but I don’t LOVE it. So I’m sure it will do very well, but I don’t have it getting very far.

Modern Madness Bracket

Yes, I chose Echo to win it all, which I think it totally deserving. It was a hard decision between Prince Charming and Echo for me, but ultimately, I chose Echo. I don’t know why…it was gut instinct. I really like Prince Charming, though. Why can’t there be multiple winners?

  1. kerryq’s avatar

    This is so fun for us fabric nerds!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      And I am definitely one of the biggest fabric nerds out there. I had so much fun filling the bracket out! Which did you choose to be the champion?



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