Me Made May ’14 – Round Up

I finished! And I succeeded!

Check out the first half of the month and what I wore.

Well, I’m considering it a success. There were a few weekend days where I didn’t wear something I made, but that usually meant that I didn’t go out of the house or barely got dressed if I did go out of the house. And I was also usually sewing something for myself if that was the case. I’m giving myself a pass for those days.

Also, there were quite a few days where I just wasn’t excited to wear an actual article of clothing that I had made, so I wore a scarf or a hat. It felt a little bit like cheating, especially toward the end, but since this is my first Me Made May, I’m going to say that’s OK, too.

Anyway, here are the pics.













Day 16 – The two maxi skirts I made came in handy during this month. They are comfy and easy to wear/style. I need to make more skirts.

Day 17 – My mom and my friend, Krista, and I went to Lawrence to meet some peeps from the Omaha Modern Quilt Guild. We went to see the Yoshiko Jinzenji exhibit at the Spencer Museum of Art. We also ate lunch and did some fabric shopping. Krista made her shirt and I wore my shot cotton Staple Dress.

Day 18 – I didn’t wear anything I made, but I spent the entire day in a bra workshop with Anne St. Clair. I came out with two bras; one for me and one for my sister.

Day 19 – I love this tunic. I need to wear it more often. It’s made from solid voile. I meant it to be a beach cover up, but I kind of like it as a shirt. I should make more in other fabrics.

Day 20 – I wore a shot cotton pleated dress. This dress might  be a little snug. I should have gone up a size just to make it more comfortable. It looks like it fits OK, but it just isn’t the comfiest thing to wear.

Day 21 – I wore my muslin Riding Peplum. I’m not in love with this top either. It’s cotton, for one. And the waist isn’t super fitted. It needs the belt and it’s hard to find something that fits over it well. I wore my jean jacket, but when I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, I thought I looked terrible. I took off the jacket and it was just OK. Once I turned to the side, it was better. I think it makes me look wide from the front. I don’t know. I’m not entirely sold on it.

Day 22 – This was sort of the cheater day with the scarf. I think I was discouraged from the previous day, so I went with something that I wouldn’t be disappointed in.

Day 23 – And yet another infinity scarf. I was on an infinity scarf kick. Also, I discovered Moscow Mules and my whole life has changed.

Day 24 – This was the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. My friend, Val, and I sewed almost the entire day. We took a break to go to Joann Fabrics and to the LOFT outlet. I think I wore the same infinity scarf from Day 23. Otherwise, I was in sweats most of the day, so no picture.

Day 25 – This was another sewing day for me and I only went outside to go on a walk with Andrew so we couldn’t say we spent the entire day of the beautiful weekend inside. However! I did wear my handmade bra for the first time. I wasn’t entirely sure I would like it, so I waited a few days to warm up to the idea of wearing it. I was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, it was a warm day and I got pretty sweaty, so I had to wash it and haven’t worn it since. It’s clean as of yesterday, so I’ll likely wear it soon. The only issues is that I have to wear a camisole with it. It’s not what you would call a t-shirt bra. Obviously, I didn’t take a picture of the bra.

Day 26 – I spent the morning sewing, but then I threw on a maxi skirt to drop Tom off at the airport, run errands with Andrew, and have dinner with Andrew’s mother and her husband. There’s not a picture because you’ve seen the maxi skirt plenty of times.

Day 27 – While on my Memorial Day Weekend sewing frenzy, I finished a knit Staple Dress, so I promptly wore it the next day. FYI – Burnout knit is not fun to sew with. I ended up leaving the hem and neckline alone. They are raw edges. Luckily, knit doesn’t fray. I bound the armholes, but it was HELL! How do you bind a thin knit with another thin knit? Should I have used knit tape? I can’t imagine anything really helping? Should I have bound it with another type of knit? I Googled for help, but nothing really popped out or helped.

Day 28 – I wore the double gauze Ruby top again. I really like this top. I will wear it more. Also, I need more double gauze.

Day 29 – I did not want to do my hair, so the hat went on.

Day 30 – We were traveling to a wedding, so I threw on a comfy maxi. No picture because the maxi skirt was a super popular item for me to wear and I pretty much style it the same way every time.

Day 31 – LAST DAY! This was actually the wedding day, so I only wore this for a few hours in the morning/early afternoon and then switched to a purchased dress for the evening. I also need to make more of these tanks…only they need to be just a little longer.

Well, that was it! I had fun with this and I think I’ll definitely do it again. I learned that I need more bottoms – mainly skirts. Also, I learned that I just need more handmade items that I love and that are easy to wash and wear. Cotton, voile, etc…I need to stop using those for garments. Also, I learned that I need to let go of some of the garments I’ve made and just put them in the fabric scrap bin and use them for quilting and other sewing projects. I’m still going to try new garments, but I need to take patterns that I love and wear and make more of those. We’ll see how next May goes!

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    You have made so many fun clothes and accessories – great job!



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