Men’s Metro Scarf

I made our friend a scarf. The inspiration came from this Etsy listing. I think I did a pretty good job. I’m planning on making another for Andrew and maybe even another to have on hand. I love scarves.

Andrew & Scarf: Serious

Isn’t he a great model? So serious, though.

Andrew & Scarf: Happy

That’s better!

The scarf is sort of an infinity scarf…or it can be. I added snaps and a couple of buttons.

Men’s scarves are not the easiest thing to make. I used Google a lot until I found the perfect scarf that I wanted to replicate. I was clueless on how to make it until I ran across that Etsy listing. I also didn’t want it to be cheesy or bulky. I wanted it to be slim and stylish and male chic. I’ve named it the metro scarf because my dad would never wear this, but I know plenty of guys here who would.

Andrew & Scarf: Long

It’s very long, but it’s not meant to be worn like that. I like it in the first picture the best.

See that blue fabric? That’s a David Butler fabric. It’s wonderful. The gray, red, and black are all Moda Bella Solids. There is some wool in there, too.

Our friend that requested a scarf lives in San Diego. I have no idea why he wants a scarf.

  1. Joni’s avatar

    Andrew is such a good model!!



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