Midwest Modern Dress

This dress is AMAZING!

I wore it the first weekday after I finished it and I didn’t want to take it off. I got SOOOO many compliments. Seriously…that’s never happened to me before. I think it was something in the water that day. I was running errands on the Plaza and I first got a compliment at Kaplan Fabrics, which makes sense, since they sell apparel fabric. I didn’t think much about it. Then, I was walking back to my car and some random lady on the street made a comment about it. Then, I went into Panera Bread and got two separate compliments on it. And that wasn’t all. It happened a few more times that day. Talk about a confidence booster!

Midwest Modern Dress

I was texting my mom while all of this was happening and I told her I was never taking it off and I was going to make 10 more of the same dress.

I am pretty sure the reason it’s so flattering is the combination of the shape/cut of the dress and the fabric.

The pattern is Burda 7517. The instructions suck, but it’s still a really easy dress. And this was my first time using interfacing and putting in a zipper. Thankfully, my mom was around to help with the zipper. I’m totally not scared of zippers anymore. They’re easy. I’m still shocked at how easy this entire dress was, which is why I’m definitely making more. I’m thinking another one in linen and maybe a cotton one…possibly a shot cotton, although it would probably need a lining. That option is still on the table. I did modify the pattern a bit. I used the size eight, but like always, it fit everywhere else but my rib cage. Since the gigantic pleats fall in the perfect spot, I as able to resize them by a quarter of an inch and now it fits perfectly. Also, I took five inches off of the bottom and got rid of the slit. They aren’t major modifications, but they really make a difference.

[Picture: Mom, Me, and Dad] Obviously, the second reason it’s so flattering is the fabric. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Amy Butler, thank you for designing such an awesome fabric that makes people give me compliments. I think if I had made it in any other fabric, I still would’ve gotten maybe one or two compliments, but not as many as I did.

Every time somebody gave me a compliment, I made sure to tell them that I made it. I know that’s a little vain of me, but I AM SO PROUD OF IT!!! They were all shocked, too. I think most people have perceptions that homemade clothing isn’t as nice as store bought clothing. Also, I think people have a perception that younger people don’t sew, so that was probably a little surprising.

This dress is definitely my new favorite item of clothing. I can’t wait to wear it again. I can’t wait to make it again. I’ve already bought more fabric for it. It totally made my day. Well, really my week. Maybe my entire month. It was a pretty awesome day! There is not a lot in this world that’s better than feeling truly pretty and I felt really pretty that day.

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    Love it!



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