Modern Madness + March Madness

I didn’t win either of my brackets and I was pretty disappointed in the finals for both, but the NCAA game hurt WAY more than the fabric competition.

I really wanted Echo to win. Ruby is beautiful, but I didn’t get bit by the Ruby bug like everyone else. I chose all of the winners based on the fabric that I liked best, not the fabric that I thought would win. I ended up with 79 points, which is pretty sad. However, it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed being able to vote and then anxiously waiting for the results.

Modern Madness

KU is my alma mater. I don’t like sports, but it’s mandatory that you like KU basketball if you went to KU. And even if you don’t really want to like KU basketball, you will want to shortly. The culture, the history, the fans, the excitement…it draws you in until you can’t wait to be a part of it. We won a championship while I was in school and it doesn’t get much better than that as a KU student. Nobody but a KU student can quite understand how important basketball is to KU.

Note: I have a deep hatred for sports and how it interacts  – or doesn’t interact – with academics. I’ve even said traitorous things again the KU basketball team, but that does not at all mean that I do not care about KU basketball. For the most part, it’s not the sport of basketball or the players that I have a problem with, it’s the coaches, school administrators, teachers, and athletic directors that I believe are the problem. I will spare you from listening to my soapbox, but this should give you an idea of KU basketball’s ability to draw people in, even those who despise sports and sports programs.

KU had a great season, but not necessarily up to the typical KU standards. FYI: Typical KU standards are zero losses with easy wins. We expect the best and it’s hard to live up to that. What do you expect from the school where basketball was invented? I filled out my bracket based on the competing teams’ record, which didn’t have KU going very far. I badly wanted to make them an exception and have them winning it all, but as known rule-follower, I couldn’t do it. I’m not superstitious, but the fact that I had them losing so early and Kentucky winning it all, makes me think just a little that I might have jinxed us. At least that’s what ran through my head during the entire championship game and quite a big after it was over. I finished the bracket with 106 points, which was 23 points behind the winner, but I would have much rather lost by 55 points with another KU championship.

NCAA Bracket


  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    I love quilting and basketball. KSU is my team but I’m happy KU did so well in the tournament.


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      KSU! So are you also a football fan? I haven’t been able to get into football.


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