Modern Madness

If you like modern fabric, you need to participate in Modern Madness¬†brought to us by Fat Quarterly. Here’s my bracket:

Modern Madness


And who do I have winning it all?

Modern Madness


Pearl Bracelets! This was really hard for me because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Simply Color and I hated to have Pearl Bracelets beat it out, but my gut instinct was to go with Pearl Bracelets. Also, the right side of the bracket was sooo difficult for me. I wasn’t familiar with many of the lines and there wasn’t a really ‘clear’ favorite, which is how Madrona Road is making it to the championship round even though there are definitely fabric lines I loved more than Madrona Road this year. Don’t get me wrong…I like Madrona Road and it certainly deserve to do well, but I don’t LOVE it like some other lines. Anyway, I chose based on what I liked more or what I thought would realistically win. I didn’t really have a good method.

In other news, I decided to break out the Washi tape and spice up the KCMQG clipboard.





Pretty cute, huh? This was my first opportunity to use my Washi tape and it was the perfect way to spice up that clipboard.

I’ve also been playing with layouts for some of the HSTs I just finished trimming. I should have a finished top soon.



They aren’t going to be very big quilts, but that’s OK. I’ll probably keep the quilting pretty simple since there are quite a few things in the queue.

I’m sort of obsessed with HSTs. There are just so many things you can do with them. It’s like magic.


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