More Wristlets + Team Coasters

I made EVEN MORE wristlets. Eight more!

Ruffled Wristlets

Gah! Don’t you just LOVE all of those colors. I had so much fun digging through my scraps to find coordinating fabrics. I think I only used one fat quarter that wasn’t in my scrap bags. I’m pretty proud of myself for that. And I still have four more d-rings. So I could make more.

Ruffled Wristlets

I took one for myself and now my keys look wonderful hanging from it. As much as I love making these, I think I’m done for awhile. Eight should be enough to get me through the holidays and a few birthdays. I love cute and super useful things.

And for some men on my team at work, I made coasters with fabric from their favorite teams.

Team Coasters

As much as I hated it, I forced myself to buy Mizzou fabric. The other is the University of Arkansas. I got this idea from my Aunt Cathy. She made me a KU coaster once upon a time and it still sits on my desk at work. Guys are so hard to buy for let alone make for, but I think these are perfect! And I have a lot of fabric left over so I can start thinking of something for next year.

  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    My daughter would love the Razorback coaster!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      I have PLENTY of Razorback fabric left if you’d like some. I doubt that I’ll use it again.



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