Mug Rug Swap

I participated in the mug rug swap for the KC Modern Quilt Guild. The guidelines were that the rug had to be improv pieced. I kept it simple, but colorful.

Rainbow Mug Rug

I love rainbow colors and I’ve been inspired be the hundreds of images of different quilts online that utilize all of the colors of the rainbow. I’ve been itching to do something and this was the perfect opportunity.

Mug Rug Circle Quilting

I also got a little more adventurous than usual for the quilting. I echo quilted circles on one half, which in my mind, would be the half you would set the actual mug on. See my train of thought?

Mug Rug Square Quilting

And since I love echo quilting so much, I decided to do it again on the other side but in a different shape. I love the quilting on this mug rug.

My first mug rug that I attempted failed, but this one made up for it. Lauren of my aunt june got this rug! P.S. I love Lauren’s blog and her and her sense of humor.

And I absolutely ADORE the mug rug I received.

Received Mug Rug

Gray! I love gray! And that’s definitely some Echo by Lotta in there, which I love. But the best part…

Mug Rug Back

The back! How cute is that fabric? LOVE!

Mug Rug in Action

I immediately put it to use this morning. I think it’s going to be an office supply rug instead of a mug rug. I couldn’t bear spilling coffee on it. It’s too beautiful. Have I mentioned that I love it?


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