My Closet

I sew in our closet. We live in a condo and although we have two bedrooms, I allowed Andrew to take the second bedroom as his man cave. Although extra space would be nice, I don’t necessarily need it. And I kind of like my cozy space. Plus, it means I have to limit my fabric buying, which is a very good thing.

I think I’m pretty organized, but I can imagine there are improvements I can make.

The Closet


I own two corners of the closet and that is one of them. I have a table for cutting with tools and pin cushions hanging around. The walls hold mini quilts and wall hangings and rulers. I also have a nifty bobbin holder that I have on the wall. Below the table I have a trash can and then the storage unit. The storage unit carries patterns, books, manuals, and coupons. I also have my space heater because our closet can get very cold with the windows.

The Closet

The shelving is fabulous. Scraps are on the top shelf. I have them organized by fabric type. The farthest left has apparel scraps, then quilting (other than cotton) scraps, then quilting cotton scraps, then batting scraps. I also have a couple of bolts of interfacing and pattern fabric and a hand quilting frame.

The bottom shelf includes a storage unit that has thread, needles, extra rotary blades, etc. The white bin holds fat quarters. Then I have my iron and ironing stuff. The black basket holds miscellaneous stuff like my mini irons, a box of safety pins, my ruffle foot, masking tape, etc. Then I have yardage (bigger than a FQ, but smaller than two yards) on comic book boards.

The Closet


This is the other part of the corner. My machine and computer are there and more shelves. The basket on top has pre-cuts. My fawn in next to it. The shelves are for in-progress projects and fun knick knacks like my quilting calendar.

I actually took the top shelf of the other side of the closet, but it just holds completed quilts and packaged batting. If I have yardage over two yards, I fold it on a hanger and hang it next to our clothing.

As I said, it’s a small space, but it suits me. I’ve been in there for two years and I think I’ve about perfected what I can do with the space, but I may be wrong. If you have any suggestions, I’m totally open to them.

Penguin Quilt


This is totally random, but Andrew and I went to dinner with some friends on Friday night and this picture came up as a topic of conversation. My friend forwarded it to me, so I have to post it. I’m actually at my old office on top of the glass tables tying a quilt. We later found out that those tables are prone to shatter randomly. I’m very happy it didn’t happen while we were doing this.



And another random thing. I made 23 wristlets.

  1. craftytammie’s avatar

    I have a small space as well, and love how cozy it feels. Although if you have any tips on limiting fabric buying, I could use them!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Haha. I have a great tip for limiting fabric buying: Being broke. Ok…so maybe it’s not such a great tip. 🙂



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