My Dad’s Quilt

Before I show you my dad’s quilt…

I have to apologize. This blog is definitely going to be less busy for awhile. There are quite a few things going on that don’t leave me a lot of time for sewing, quilting, etc. Actually, that’s not true. There would be time for sewing, quilting, etc., but I don’t feel like there is time. (And there’s so much bad TV to be found on the iPad and my sewing room is so cold that I really just want to snuggle with an already made quilt and watch episode after episode.) I have a ton of things that I want to work on, but I’m also kind of limited. I have a quilt top and back ready to sandwich, but nowhere to properly sandwich it. I need to make bridesmaid dresses and robes, but I’m not super inspired to do that right now. I have a couple of bags to make, but I’m waiting on fabric choices. I want to make a chevron quilt, but my budget is REALLY tight right now and I don’t have the fabric I need/want for it. And the same goes for any other projects. I need to wait a few months until my cash flow has increased before I start new projects. Anyway, I’m not really complaining, but I do want to warn you that I may not post as often in the next few months. I’ll try to give at least one update per week.

So…on to something awesome.

My great-grandmother was the first person to get me interested in quilting. She did all of her quilting by hand. And she has made A LOT of quilts. I don’t think we have any idea how many she made, but I bet it’s mind boggling. Every single grandchild has a quilt and I think almost every great-grandchild has one. My dad LOVES his! He brags about it all of the time.

Dad's Quilt

He requested this quilt because he loved it when he saw it. And I’m so glad Grandma Wheatley ended up giving it to him.

Dad's Quilt

Dresden Plates are so timeless. I LOVE them. I really want to make a Dresden Plate quilt, but I’ll probably be doing it the easy way with Missouri Star’s template.

Dad's Quilt

My great-grandma Wheatley did all of her quilting by hand. THAT”S A LOT OF QUILTING!! And this is a big quilt.

Dad's Quilt

It’s just amazing. I’m speechless. It’s so awesome.

I love this quilt and I totally understand why my dad does, too.

Dad's Quilt

So cool.


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