My Google Reader Replacement – feedly

I’m devastated that Google Reader is going away. I’ve signed the petition for Google to keep it, but knowing Google, I’m sure they’ve put a lot of thought and number crunching into the decision to get rid of it, so I’m not expecting a change. I immediately began searching for alternatives because I knew that I would need to start getting used to something now instead of waiting until the last minute. That would only make the transition harder. After doing a bunch of research, I signed up for quite a few and started giving them a try. Some of the things I was looking for was a similar layout/design as Google Reader, the ability to import from Google Reader, and the ability to keep the import once Google Reader goes away.

I hated all of them.



I was broken.

BUT…I got this great email from Feedly this morning. “Welcome to feedly!” from Edwin. It’s really odd that this email got through because I typically immediately unsubscribe or set me email preferences to nothing. It’s also really odd that I paid attention to the contents of the email because I usually just scroll down to the bottom to unsubscribe and then delete it. But somehow I read it.


I clicked on the link to “optimize the feedly experience for Google Reader users.”


Here’s what my feedly experience is like now.



It’s sooo much like Google Reader, which is exactly what I wanted! I changed my theme to “White.” I set me default to show ‘All” and also set the default to the “Title” view. I believe those are the only changes that I made and now I’m SUPER happy when before I was absolutely HATING it.

Well done, feedly. I’m glad you sent me that email and had that awesome post. I’m glad you weren’t too proud to be like, “Hey. We know you like Google Reader. We have our own design, but if you don’t want that, we’ll give you what you want.”

And then I promptly unsubscribed from future emails and deleted the email. 🙂

But I will now be using feedly in preparation for the day Google Reader no longer exists.

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    Thanks, that’s helpful to know.



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