My Hair = Punk Chic or Professional Punk?

Warning: Zero quilty/crafty stuff in this post.

I’ve been wanting to do something different with my hair for awhile. But, then again, I always want to do something different with my hair. Before I reveal the big surprise…let’s have a little history lesson on my hair.

Throughout my life up  until the summer before college, I did not cut my hair. Well, I trimmed it to keep it healthy, obviously, but I never chopped it off. I add some blonde highlights or red lowlights here or there, but nothing extreme.

Long Hair

Long Curly Hair

Quite long, right? And blonde! Well, blonde-ish.

And then I decided I was tired of it so I took the plunge and cut it.

First Short Hair

I loved it. I totally thought I wouldn’t, but I did. This was taken somewhere in Lincoln, NE, before a friend’s concert right after I had gotten it cut.

Then I cut it even shorter and colored it brown.

Short Brown Hair

Like my car pose? I’m pretty sure this was either on my way to or from Lincoln.

Then I did something crazy. I colored it black with a couple of blonde streaks. This was literally right before Andrew and I started dating, but after our first date.

Black and Blonde Hair

It was still short, though. I stayed with the dark look for quite a while, but then I grew it out.

Robin, Mom, and I

This was taken during my sister’s senior photos shoot. I love us!

I cut it shorter into a bob, but kept it dark after that.

Short and Dark Hair

Short and Dark Hair

Then, right before graduation, I got a bit of a different cut and added some red.

Red Graduation Hair

Can you tell I had a hard time finding good photos?

At some point, I must have decided blonde was better than red. We were going to a masquerade party.

Blonde Halloween Hair

Then I went a little darker and totally bobbed it…again.

Short Dark Bob

Cheesy smile…

Short Dark Bob Back

The back…

Short Dark Bob Side

The side…

I did not have a problem finding pictures of that cut.

And then I went extreme again and pixie cut it.

Pixie Hair

Pixie Hair

That’s my wonderful family! Can you tell I like that gray skirt a lot? It’s also in the bowling pictures. And that blue cardigan is also in the sewing pictures. I hang onto clothing I like…

And then I decided I wanted to be even more extreme…so I had my hair cut so it’s faux hawk friendly. Excuse the bathroom pictures…I know they are awful, but taking pictures of yourself is hard.

Faux Hawk Close Up - FrontFaux HawkFaux Hawk

Faux Hawk Close Up - Side


Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk


I call it punk chic or professional punk. I dress very girly most of the time, so I was hoping I could pull this off without looking crazy. I think I accomplished that…

This was my inspiration…

Faux Hawk Inspiration

I LOVE it. I really love it. Although, I’ve never hated a single one of my haircuts. I can still wear it down and it looks good. Here’s my justifcation. 1. I’m young. 2. I’m employed. 3. My employer doesn’t care. 4. I’m not going to be looking for a job soon. 5. It’s 2012.

So…go faux hawk your hair!



I changed it again. I colored it dark.

Dark Faux Hawk

My colorist/hair stylist/hair cutter/whatever-you-call-her, Kristen, took this photo. She works at Shampagne. And she’s amazing. And Shampagne is amazing.


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