My New Sewing Room

We are moved! Our condo is beautiful. The only thing left to unpack is the office/game room, which is Andrew’s job. I need to put up a few pictures and shelves, but for the most part, we are completely moved. It already feels like home. New home, new blog.

Of course, the first place I set up was my new quilt room/our bedroom closet. Andrew gets an entire room for his video games and our office. I get the closet, but that’s OK. It’s cozy. Plus, our closet is huge and even our insane amount of clothing barely takes up any room. I’ve never seen a closet with windows before so¬† it is the perfect space. Plus, I don’t know what I would put in an entire room. I hardly have enough fabric or notions or projects. Maybe someday…

I’ll add pictures of the entire place soon. For now, here’s a couple of my new sewing room!!

Closet Quilting Room

Closet Quilting Room

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