My New Toy

I have awesome friends. You already know that, but I like to remind you and myself how great I have it because I have awesome friends. And family.

Anyway, at my last quilting retreat, I asked everybody to keep an eye out for a used serger at a good price. Immediately, my friend Becky said that she had one she never used and would just give it to me. My mouth dropped completely open. Just give it away?! I couldn’t let her do that, but she insisted. (Although I have a few surprises up my sleeve to attempt to pay her back.)

So I am the proud owner of a serger!


It’s awesome! I watched a couple of YouTube videos and I was off. It works so well! I’ve already made one dress with it and I can’t wait to use it more often. I have a ton of clothes I want to make and now they will go soooo much faster.

It’s a White Speedylock 1600 with a differential feed and 3-4 thread option. The differential feed has already come in handy with the knit dress I sewed. I’ve only used the four thread option, but I’m excited to explore what I can do with the three. Look forward to more apparel sewing now that I can easily finish seams!

  1. Becky’s avatar

    I am so happy it’s getting used! Your clothing looks amazing!


  2. Kim’s avatar

    That’s so sweet!!



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